Philippine Nurses Association of Southern California

Request for Research Participation

March 5, 2016

Dear Nurses,

Please take few minutes to share your experiences on entering workforce in United States with our research team.
We are collecting this information to develop a comprehensive strategy to orient and retain foreign-educated RNs in US. Your input is essential to the success of ... Read All

2016 Survey of Filipino and Filipino-American Nurses in the U.S.

The Nursing Training Act of 1975 mandates a periodic survey of the United States (US) Registered Nurse (RN) workforce to provide national and state-level estimates on the statistics and demographics of RNs. Unfortunately, specific demographic information on Filipino-American RNs is limited. From the ethnic and racial category options included in national surveys, Filipino-Americans would self-identify as either Asian or Pacific Islander and are stratified with other ethnic groups.

We need Filipino and Filipino-American RNs, working or retired, graduate of a US or foreign school, PNAA member or not. We need your help to describe who we are and what we do.

Be counted! Survey will remain open until April 15, 2016

To take the survey, please go to:


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